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Social Media Election!!!

Interesting infographics showing how much social media has become a part of our life….

Anyone with a Facebook or Twitter account has probably noticed an increase in the number of political postings over the past few years. This is due, in part, to the explosive rise in social media outlets and users. But voters are not the only people who use social media; among politicians, 9 out of 10 Senators and Representatives have Twitter accounts. However, many are starting to wonder if social media is becoming less a reporter of political races and more of a predictor of the results. In Senate races, the candidate with more Facebook friends than his or her opponent has won 81% of the time. And one email sent to 60 million Facebook users prompted an additional 340,000 people to vote in the 2010 election. This infographic illustrates just how politics and social media are affecting each other.

Social media election


Next Gen Kiosks for Hospitality


Mobile App for Hotels


Business Development Explained…

Business Development (BD) is an art and not strict strategic sales…

Like a flirt who always keeps looking for a new and stunning chick in town; so is the case with BD guys always looking around for a new clients.

The flirt does best of his stunts and show-offs to impress the new chick; so is the case with BD guys, shows off best of marketing, services benefits and stuns the clients with his comp
any profile.

The flirt then tries to approach his new interest for a positive answer; so does the BD guys gives a cold call approach to his clients.

If it’s a yes, from the most happening chick in town it time to celebrate; so is the case with BD guys one client on board and its time to celebrate.

The flirt becomes a part of happening discussions; so do the BD guys become part of the happening discussions.

This goes on for month or so and the new chick hunt begins; once the client settles down new client hunt begins.

Some of them reply positive and some doesn’t…..well the game keeps going on and on.

Pushing the BD guys for following strict strategic sales approach is like pushing a flirt to try on a girl he is not interested in…


TravelCarma to introduce its Innovation “TravelCarma The eMarketplace” at PhoCusWright’s “The Travel Innovation Summit”, Hollywood, Florida, USA

Nov 2011: Travel Technology provider TravelCarma will be introducing its Innovation “TravelCarma The eMarketplace” at PhoCusWright’s The Travel Innovation Summit on 15 Nov 2011, Hollywood, USA. TravelCarma is an eMarketplace for the offline travel industry. It fulfills the much-needed requirement of the industry, by providing a platform which allows offline and online travel businesses to network and transact freely on their own terms, retain their relevance and brand identities, and get an opportunity to compete globally – all these and more at highly affordable costs.

TravelCarma is a unique blend of Cloud-based Points-Of-Sales (POS) solutions, Inventory & Exchange solutions, and Business Networking Components for travel companies and agents. Points-Of-Sales solutions include agents booking console, web and mobile portals, facebook booking portal with upcoming iOS and Android Apps. While POS helps sell effectively through multiple channels, the Inventory and Exchange solutions helps efficiently manage the supply and distribution. For travel agents, a single contract with TravelCarma allows them to access, manage and control global inventory feeds from multiple suppliers like GDS, wholesalers, etc. TravelCarma offers them freedom to have direct rate agreements with the suppliers. Also they are free to store and manage their contracted inventory (hotels, packages, excursions, etc) on the system. They can choose to display it on their own POS as well as redistribute it on TravelCarma network at the price of their choice. Similarly suppliers, with a single contract with TravelCarma can access the thousands of agents on the network and control pricing to different customers.

The most innovative component of TravelCarma eMarketplace is “Business Networking” – an open social network for travel companies with focus on sales. It allows them to connect with each other on the TravelCarma network thus increasing their reach in terms of sales. They can broadcast their deals, packages, inquiries, and can communicate regarding anything with the network at large.

About TravelCarma
TravelCarma is promoted by Avani Cimcon Technologies – an IS/ISO 9001:2008 certified / CMM level 3, software services and solutions provider having offices, resellers, partners and representatives in US, UK, Argentina, India, Australia, Germany, Malaysia, Thailand, UAE and Aruba. For more than 20 years we have been working with travel companies across the globe and have helped them leverage technology for their business growth. For more information, please visit

Media Contact:
Mr. Hiren Yadav
Sr. Manager – Marketing & Communication
Tel: +919898909214


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TravelCarma to showcase its Innovation at PhoCusWright’s “The Travel Innovation Summit”

Travel Technology provider TravelCarma has been selected to showcase its Innovation at PhoCusWright’s “The Travel Innovation Summit” on 15 Nov 2011, US. TravelCarma, the sole entry from India, is proud to share space amongst world’s leading 30 innovators who will demonstrate their applications, technologies and solutions which they expect will forever change the face of travel planning, purchasing and memorializing.

In the ever-growing online travel space, travel companies without significant online presence are losing customers, market-share and revenue against their online competitors. TravelCarma empowers these companies by providing them e-commerce enabled complete online travel portals with their own branding and content, mobile and social media booking portals and access to global travel inventory. The pay-as-you-go SaaS model makes the technology available with no upfront investments.

From the technology standpoint, TravelCarma’s innovation – “A Cloud-based Applications Delivery Platform integrated with an Open-Distribution based TravelXchange” provides travel companies with multi-platform POS and distribution of travel content across multiple channels.

After being awarded twice for Innovation (Top 100 Innovators in 2007 & Top SaaS-AppS in 2011), we continued our efforts towards developing innovative products for travel industry. While industry has just started talking about importance of Cloud Computing and SaaS in Travel industry, we have already launched our product on Travel Cloud.


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Travel & Hospitality websites must focus on usability

Travel companies with accessible websites are far more likely to reach a larger number of customers than their inaccessible competitors. A new research has found that the top 10 travel companies in the UK are not maximising their revenue opportunities when it comes to their websites.

The report says: considering how people consume online information is an important step. People use different devices, may use access technologies, and will have different requirements for the way information is delivered.

Providing information in text (as well as graphical) format, enabling people to adjust text size for reading comfort, and ensuring that it’s possible to use the website without a mouse, all contribute to a more positive experience.

Finding information is often a goal on many websites, and travel websites are no exception. Treating links like sign posts that guide people around the site, making sure that people understand when they’ve made a mistake in submitting a form, and using clear language, will all make it easier for customers to find the holidays they’re interested in.

However, to realise the full potential of accessibility, it’s necessary to look beyond the purely technical. Accessibility works best when it’s part of the fabric of an organisation. Standards such as BS 8878 Web Accessibility Code of Practice in combination with practical goals based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines provide a powerful framework for achieving accessibility success. With people cutting back on extravagant holidays due to the recession it is essential that travel company websites strive ahead of the competition and include accessibility and usability as a core part of their digital strategy.


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