Business Development Explained…

17 Oct

Business Development (BD) is an art and not strict strategic sales…

Like a flirt who always keeps looking for a new and stunning chick in town; so is the case with BD guys always looking around for a new clients.

The flirt does best of his stunts and show-offs to impress the new chick; so is the case with BD guys, shows off best of marketing, services benefits and stuns the clients with his comp
any profile.

The flirt then tries to approach his new interest for a positive answer; so does the BD guys gives a cold call approach to his clients.

If it’s a yes, from the most happening chick in town it time to celebrate; so is the case with BD guys one client on board and its time to celebrate.

The flirt becomes a part of happening discussions; so do the BD guys become part of the happening discussions.

This goes on for month or so and the new chick hunt begins; once the client settles down new client hunt begins.

Some of them reply positive and some doesn’t…..well the game keeps going on and on.

Pushing the BD guys for following strict strategic sales approach is like pushing a flirt to try on a girl he is not interested in…


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