Travel & Hospitality websites must focus on usability

23 Jun

Travel companies with accessible websites are far more likely to reach a larger number of customers than their inaccessible competitors. A new research has found that the top 10 travel companies in the UK are not maximising their revenue opportunities when it comes to their websites.

The report says: considering how people consume online information is an important step. People use different devices, may use access technologies, and will have different requirements for the way information is delivered.

Providing information in text (as well as graphical) format, enabling people to adjust text size for reading comfort, and ensuring that it’s possible to use the website without a mouse, all contribute to a more positive experience.

Finding information is often a goal on many websites, and travel websites are no exception. Treating links like sign posts that guide people around the site, making sure that people understand when they’ve made a mistake in submitting a form, and using clear language, will all make it easier for customers to find the holidays they’re interested in.

However, to realise the full potential of accessibility, it’s necessary to look beyond the purely technical. Accessibility works best when it’s part of the fabric of an organisation. Standards such as BS 8878 Web Accessibility Code of Practice in combination with practical goals based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines provide a powerful framework for achieving accessibility success. With people cutting back on extravagant holidays due to the recession it is essential that travel company websites strive ahead of the competition and include accessibility and usability as a core part of their digital strategy.


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