56% of Business Customers Use Mobile Technology to Search/Book Hotels

21 Mar

As per a recent research, more than half of business customers now use mobile technology when it comes to searching and booking hotels, indicating a rapid increase in the use of mobile technology in the business travel sector.

The survey, which polled over 600 corporate travel buyers, agents, hospitality and travel professionals globally, explored hotel experiences and expectations of the modern business traveller. Notable response findings from the 150 respondents were:

• 80% would like to see mobile applications offering suggested restaurants and bars around the hotel location.

• 67% would like similar apps offering suggestions for recreational activities.

• 71% rank Wi-Fi as one of the most important technology solutions that should be included as standard in hotel rooms – 82% of travellers expecting this service to be in all rooms within five years.

• 54% wanted more transparency and choice when it comes to charges for optional extras.

• Many in the poll commented that they should only have to pay for the services they really want or use when travelling for business.

• There was limited appeal for mobile apps which could record TV channels remotely or convenience solutions like the ability to adjust the temperature of the room when away.


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